Our Top 5 Tips For Getting Comfortable With Your New Dentures

Our Top 5 Tips For Getting Comfortable With Your New Dentures

If you’ve recently gotten dentures in Red Bank, you may be excited about your new smile. But getting dentures does take some getting used to, and you need to have the right mindset about adjusting to your new teeth. What should you do? Here are a few simple tips from Santo Dental Group.

1. Follow Instructions For Proper Denture & Oral Care

Your dentist at Santo Dental Group will give you instructions on how to clean your gums and your dentures. You’ll need to brush your gums and dentures twice a day, soak them at night, and follow all of their other instructions.

Proper denture and oral care helps you avoid irritation due to the buildup of food particles and plaque, and keeps your gums and mouth healthy, so don’t overlook this step. It’s essential for adjusting and getting comfortable with your new dentures.

2. Commit To Wearing Them Regularly 

Wearing your dentures may not feel so good at first. The muscles in your cheeks and face may feel sore after you chew. But this is a good thing! It’s like exercising. Over time, you’ll build up your muscles and strengthen your mouth. It may not feel the best at first, but if you commit to wearing your dentures regularly, you’ll get adjusted and feel better in no time at all.

3. Start Slow And Have Reasonable Expectations

You’re not going to be eating steak on day one. Chewing with dentures feels different than chewing with natural teeth, and it’s more difficult to eat really tough and sticky foods. Start out by eating a soft diet when you first get your dentures, and work your way up to other foods.

You also should cut most tough foods into smaller pieces. Steak, for example, should be cut into small pieces that are easy to eat, as opposed to biting directly into a larger hunk of meat. Keep this in mind as you recover and get used to your dentures.

4. Consider Using Denture Adhesive For A Tighter Hold

Even the best dentures can slip from time to time. Denture adhesive helps hold them onto your gums, and can keep your dentures more stable when you eat, chew, and speak. Your dentist can recommend the right brand and type of denture adhesive for your needs.

5. Let Your Dentist Know If Your Dentures Are Bothering You

If your dentures are irritating your gums or causing you lots of discomfort, they may need to be adjusted. It’s pretty common for patients to need adjustments every once in a while, and this is particularly true right after you’re fitted for your dentures. So if you think something doesn’t feel right, just contact Santo Dental Group. One of our dentists will take a look, make any necessary adjustments, and give you further tips on how to get used to your new smile.

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