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At Santo Dental Group, our Red Bank dentists have years of experience in restorative procedures. From simply filling a cavity to replacing missing teeth with bridges or implant restorations, Dr. Michael Santo, Dr. Miles Santo, Dr. Katelyn Domingues, Dr. Meaghan McCormick, Dr. Marcus Santo, and Dr. Steven Reff can get your smile back to optimal health, function and beauty. Call our office today at (732) 530-1003 to get started with restorative dentistry today!

Dental Fillings

According to the Mayo Clinic, cavities and tooth decay are among the world’s most common health problems. Thankfully, this makes receiving a filling a routine and simple procedure.

If your restorative dentist recommends a filling during an examination, you will be scheduled for a return visit to fix the problem. Dental fillings, which may otherwise cause sensitivity during the procedure, are performed using local anesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable and pain-free while receiving treatment. 

Your Red Bank doctor will recommend the type of filling which is best suited to your problem, as we offer many different options. The most common types of fillings are amalgam, or silver, fillings and esthetic tooth-colored composite fillings. Both are highly effective and will last several years with proper care.

Dental Crowns

If you have lost a significant amount of tooth structure due to old fillings, decay, and fractures, or need an existing crown replaced, your dentist may recommend a crown to maintain the longevity of your natural tooth. 

A dental crown is a protective, full-coverage fixed (not removable) dental restoration that encases and strengthens a tooth. It will restore the health and function of your tooth, and get you out of (or help you avoid) any potential pain and discomfort. 

Receiving a crown happens over two appointments, and is a relatively simple process. At your first appointment: 

  • Your tooth will be cleaned and prepared to create a platform for the crown
  • Impressions will be taken of your prepared tooth 
  • You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is made 

Once your crown is ready, our Red Bank team will contact you to schedule your second appointment. During this appointment: 

  • Your doctor will affix your crown to your tooth to ensure its fit, function and comfort 
  • Small adjustments can be made to the crown if necessary 
  • Once the crown fits comfortably in your mouth, your doctor will place the crown permanently with a dental adhesive 

Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be able to leave our office with a fully repaired and functional tooth. Most patients will forget that their tooth is capped. 

At Santo Dental Group, we will always try to save your natural tooth before we suggest other solutions, such as an extraction. But understand that if your tooth does need to be removed, you have options to replace your missing tooth.

Dental Bridges

Bridges and crowns work together to replace missing teeth. Crowns are typically placed on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. Attached to these crowns is a prosthetic or false tooth that occupies the space between the capped teeth. This false tooth literally bridges the gap and restores the function and aesthetic of your smile. 

The process for receiving a dental bridge is similar to that of receiving a dental crown. It just requires the manufacturing of the dental prosthetic as well as the crowns. Bridges can contain one or a few teeth, and can be supported by a single crown if necessary. 

Bridges are often a more cost-effective solution to missing teeth, but dental implants offer more security and longevity.

Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants are fixed (not removable) tooth replacement options that most closely mimic the feel and function of a natural tooth. Dental implants also help to maintain your bone levels and support for your existing teeth, preventing malocclusion, deterioration of the jaw bone, and shifting teeth. 

The dental implant process is broken into two procedures at our Red Bank office. First, the implant (a titanium post) is placed into the jaw bone. This requires oral surgery and healing time. During healing, you’ll undergo a process called osseointegration, which is the natural fusing of the jaw bone to the titanium implant. This fusion is what makes dental implants a permanent solution to missing teeth. 

After your implant has healed, the post and abutment will be fit with a custom dental crown that closely resembles a natural tooth in appearance, feel, and function. You’ll be able to treat the implant as you would your natural tooth - just brush and floss regularly and see your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning. 

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