Root Canal Aftercare – What To Expect After Surgery

Root Canal Aftercare – What To Expect After Surgery 

Getting a root canal in Red Bank from Santo Dental Group? You may be wondering what you should expect as you heal and recover from surgery. So in this blog, we’ll take you through the basics, and ensure you’re prepared for your appointment. Read on, and learn everything you need to know.

Root Canals Cause Minimal Pain And Discomfort 

You won’t experience any pain at all during your root canal. Our dentists will completely numb the nerves near the treatment area, ensuring you have a completely pain-free procedure at Santo Dental Group.

After your procedure, though, you may experience a little bit of pain and tenderness. This is due to the areas near the tooth becoming inflamed by the root canal process. As your dentist cleans out your tooth, the nearby areas may become irritated. This is to be expected, and is a natural part of the recovery process. 

If this discomfort is bothering you, you can take over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen. Orajel or a similar local numbing product is also a good option if you are feeling uncomfortable. This pain should fade within a few days.

If you’re still in a lot of pain after your treatment, or the pain gets worse after a few days, this could indicate a complication, such as a hidden infection that wasn’t completely eliminated during your initial treatment. If this is the case, give us a call to schedule a follow-up.

You Can Get Back To Your Job Or Daily Routine Immediately 

You will experience some pain, but as we mentioned, this is minimal. Root canals are minimally invasive, and do not require any kind of lengthy healing or recovery process. You can get back to your daily routine immediately, and while we often recommend taking a day off of work to rest, you can go back to work right away if you need to. 

You Will Need To Take Steps To Care For Your Temporary Crown

After a root canal, your tooth will usually be protected with a temporary resin crown. This is used to protect the tooth until you can come back to our office to have a permanent ceramic crown attached to your tooth.

For the most part, you can treat this crown like a natural tooth. However, we recommend brushing and flossing gently, since being too aggressive could loosen the crown and knock it out of place.

You also should be careful when you eat, particularly if you eat really chewy and sticky foods like gummy candy. Eat these on the opposite side of your mouth, since they can stick to the crown and loosen it over time.

You Will Need To Come Back For Scheduled Follow-Ups 

If you have a follow-up scheduled for a dental crown or just to check on your healing and recovery at Santo Dental Group, make sure to visit our office when you’re scheduled to do so. Coming to all of your follow-ups will simplify the recovery process, minimize the risk of complications, and protect your oral health.

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