Night guards/Occlusal guards

Life can get stressful, and some of us can take things out on our teeth! If you clench or grind your teeth, patterns of wear become apparent as the opposing teeth begin to abrade each other. Continued wear of your teeth against each other may shorten your teeth, affect your bite, and cause discomfort or dissatisfaction with the appearance of your teeth. 

Your Red Bank dentist can help protect your teeth from these negative changes by recommending and fabricating a “night guard,” also known as an “occlusal guard.” Far from a mouth guard, an occlusal guard is custom-made from thin but strong material to fit over your teeth in a streamlined, comfortable design that protects and preserves your teeth and your bite. Call our office at (732) 530-1003 to see if a night guard is right for you!

Mouth guards

If over the counter mouth guards are uncomfortable and hard to wear, your dentist can fabricate a custom mouth guard that is strong, durable, more comfortable, and easier to wear. Mouth guards are essential protection for anyone playing a contact sport! 

Snore Appliance

Many people suffer from disruptive snoring, much to their partner's dismay. Simple impressions can be used to fabricate a snore appliance that eliminates this habit. The appliance can also be used to treat minor sleep apnea cases. 

Recognizing The Symptoms Of Bruxism

Every patient is different, but there are a few symptoms of bruxism that are quite common and easy to recognize. 

First, you may notice tooth pain and sensitivity, or jaw pain. As your teeth clench together, this puts a lot of strain on your jaw muscles, as well as the ligaments that anchor your teeth to your gums. So if you’re having unexplained oral pain or tooth sensitivity, this could be a sign of bruxism. If you start getting a lot of headaches, this could also be a sign of bruxism. 

You may also be able to see visual signs of bruxism. If your teeth look worn down or have very small chips, this could be an indicator of teeth grinding. Your teeth may also look flat or have very tiny fractures. In some cases, you may even notice large chips missing from your teeth. Some people may also have damage to their cheeks if they also tend to chew the inside of their cheek at night.

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors at Santo Dental Group in Red Bank. We can get to the bottom of your oral health issues, and develop a treatment plan to help you deal with bruxism, which could include therapeutic Botox®.

Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding

Doctors still are not sure exactly what causes teeth grinding, and why some people grind their teeth while others don't. However, they have identified some common causes and contributing factors that may raise your risk for bruxism.

Anxiety and stress are common factors. If you’re stressed, you may be more likely to clench and grind your teeth. It’s also thought that some other lifestyle factors like alcohol use, tobacco use, and the use of certain drugs can increase your risk of bruxism.

Bruxism may also have some hereditary factors. It’s more common in patients whose families have a history of teeth grinding. Genetics plays a part in other ways, too. A bad bite or untreated orthodontic problems can contribute to bruxism. Also, some diseases and disorders like sleep apnea, epilepsy, ADHD, and dementia can raise your risk of teeth grinding.

Why Is Getting Treatment For Bruxism Important?

First, bruxism treatment from Santo Dental Group helps you get relief from your pain and discomfort. If you suffer from severe teeth grinding, it can cause oral pain, tooth sensitivity, and headaches that may interfere with your day-to-day life. Getting treatment will relieve your pain and help you get back to your normal routine.

Even more importantly, teeth grinding treatment helps protect your oral health. If left untreated, teeth grinding can cause other problems like TMJ/TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). It also can cause permanent and irreversible damage to your natural teeth, or damage to dental work like fillings and dental crowns. 

Because of this, identifying and treating teeth grinding in Red Bank helps you keep your mouth healthy. It also saves you a lot of time and money, since you’ll be able to avoid potentially-costly treatments to reverse the damage done to your teeth.



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